My Friend Colin Everett

Colin was my friend from the moment he called me when he arrived in Ottawa in the mid 1960s and suggested that we get together to play some guitar. Colin had a Peterson guitar and he was quite a good player. From Main Street, he moved to Fentiman Avenue and later constructed a party room (with a workshop below) at the rear of the house. This room, as well as the rest of the house, became the location of frequent little concerts, master classes, and of course parties  -  all kinds of parties, many with themes. Who could forget the Halloween party with Garfield Clack (another scientist/instrument builder) dressed as a baby.


Colin was one of the founding members of the Ottawa Guitar Society in 1969, and the annual OGS party was usually held at Colin's house on Fentiman, and later at Manotick. As a musician, I enjoyed playing lute duets with Colin, and even competed in the Ottawa Music Festival with him as a duo. I purchased a beautiful exquisitely crafted and player-friendly lute from Colin and performed many concerts with it. As a lawyer, I helped Colin with his house purchases. Most of all, as a friend I enjoyed many hours of conversation with him on a wide range of subjects about which he always seemed to have a deep knowledge and, as always, firmly held opinions. Things were never dull when Colin was around. I will miss him.


Ed Honeywell